2011 Donki Queendom

The starting point for this performance was the Spanish classic Don Quixote or rather its duo: there is Don Quixote who is more than a simple parody but rather an eternal idealist and dreamer. And there is his sidekick Sancho who stands with both legs firmly on the ground but plays a crucial role in upholding Don‘s fairytale world. 

In this piece we explored dualities of our western world view: good vs. bad, strong vs. weak, man vs. woman, real vs. unreal. Rather than presenting these dualities in firm and permanent constellations, we asked how power relations change and what happens when the difference between reality and fiction starts to blur. How much fiction do we need to make our lives worth living? And how strongly do we need to be grounded in reality in order not to lose ourselves?

Welcome, wonderer! Come, take a seat, rest your tired feet. And while you are my guest, I‘ll tell you about a quest...

photo Marion Maisano

on stage: Samuli Roininen and Martina Marti
design: Marion Maisano

premiere 31.8.2011 at Hällä Stage in Tampere
a co-production of Gnab Collective and Tanssiteatteri MD  


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