2009 BANG!

In this project I wanted to deal with human failure. It was by chance that I came across the texts of the Danish writer Herman Bang (1857-1912). Even though I was very taken by his wonderful women characters it was finally in his own failure as an actor that I found something I wanted to share with others. How do we cope with failure? Losing your job, getting divorced, being a disappointment, losing, flopping... How does that influence our lives? Can we define ourselves also through our failures? The performance was an attempt at breaking the taboo of failure with the help of Bang's humour and incredible ability to renew himself.

One day you wake up and realise that your childhood is over. You can‘t do anymore magic and also in your professional life you‘ve failed completely. The child has become a mother, the woman a man. Herman Bang was a Danish writer, director, homosexual and unsuccessful actor. With the help of his works this performance takes you on a journey through childhood dreams and different gender roles into the world of theatre where we fail right from the beginning. Because not even in theatre we can do magic...

photo Patrick Maisano

photo Patrick Maisano

photo Patrick Maisano

script and directing: Martina Marti
on stage: Cécile Orblin and Samuli Roininen
choreography: Samuli Roininen
stage design: Marion and Patrick Maisano
costume design: Monika Hartl
music and sound Antti Mäkelä
translation: Eeva Bergroth

premiere 19.8.2009 at Stage Festival, Culture Factory Korjaamo, Helsinki
a co-production between Gnab Collective and Culture Factory Korjaamo


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