2016 Reverie

Reverie - a state of  being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts

Two women meet in a place where feelings have become images and sounds in the passing of time.

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© Emma Suominen

© Emma Suominen

Reverie is the third and final piece of the performance trilogy on decision making that I created with Gnab Collective. The first part was the intimate one-on-one performance Hamlet private in 2012, the second Polku (The Path) in 2014. During the first two parts of the trilogy we focused on the moments before and during a decision and tried to articulate what happens during the process of making a decision. In the third part the theme of decision making fades into the background as we are looking for colours and tones that capture something of the feeling we might have when we look back on our lives.

Reverie was presented as a live video installation at Mad House Helsinki in March 2016. In June 2016, it is shown for the first time in a short film version first in Espoo (Space Invaders) and then in Berlin (Theaterdiscounter). 

Directing: Martina Marti
Video and Editing: Emma Suominen
Performers: Jasmiina Sipilä & Inari Virmakoski
Music: Romulus Chiciuc
Costumes: Katerina Zherbina
Text: Cécile Orblin, Kaija Pakarinen
Production: Martina Marti & Heidi Backström 

Reverie can be presented in different set-ups: as a short film (duration approx. 17 min.), live video installation (duration 30 min.), public space video installation (duration min. 1 h), or as a video installation with live DJ set. 

The project was supported by the Kone Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the City of Helsinki Cultural Office and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


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