2014 Polku

There are many kinds of paths. Lonely forest tracks. City routes in a labyrinth of cement. Sandy trails on a beach. Some of them cross, separate again, on others you tread on your own. Some run straight, others are full of bends and curves.

© Emma Suominen

Polku - The Path explores the things that influence what kind of paths we walk in life. How do we recognise our own path? Is life the result of conscious decisions? What role do coincidence and intuition play?

Polku is the second part of Gnab Collective's Decision Trilogy and thus continues the work started with the one-on-one performance Hamlet private. The artistic starting point for the project was Krzystof Kieslowski's film The Double Life of Veronica. The performance makes use of different languages, music and visual means to bring forth the invisible and inexplicable force that guides our decision-making. It asks, why do we walk where we walk? Why do we do what we do? The premiere was in May 2014 in Helsinki.

Artistic Team: Martina Marti, Cécile Orblin, Kaija Pakarinen, Eero Tiitula, Juuso Voltti, Monika Hartl and Ville Virtanen

© Emma Suominen

© Emma Suominen

Premiere: 9.5.2014 at Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth, Cable Factory, Helsinki 
Performances: 10., 13., 14.5. and 26., 28., 29.8.2014

Concept: artistic team
Directing: Martina Marti
Script and dramaturgy: Martina Marti and Cécile Orblin
On stage: Cécile Orblin, Martina Marti and Juuso Voltti
Set design: Eero Tiitula
Composition: Juuso Voltti
Costum design: Monika Hartl
Dressmaker: Nina Ukkonen
Lighting design: Ville Virtanen
Lighting assistant: Markus Schaffter
Photography: Emma Suominen
Graphic design: Ainoa Graphic Design
Production and Marketing: Heidi Backström / MAU and Gnab Collective

The performance was supported by Kone Foundation, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Arts Council of Finland.

© Emma Suominen

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