Hamlet private in Milan!

Once again, the cards are being shuffled! 

From tomorrow until Sunday Giulietta De Bernardi, Marco Mazza and for the first time Anna Fascendini are performing Hamlet private at the Isola Kult festival in Milan.

The small company Scarlattine Teatro from Northern Italy asked to work with me on Hamlet private in 2013. A year later I spent two and half intensive weeks in Campsirago Residency in a small village on the Southern slopes of Mount Brianza in the Alps. Together with Erno Raitanen, Giulietta and Marco we created two versions of my one-on-one performance. I was impressed by the dedication and commitment of the actos who came extremely well prepared to the process and contributed insights even new to me. It has been a great joy to follow how their performances have received warm words of thanks, praising critics and many festival invitations. 

This positive feedback has encouraged Scarlattine to send a third performer to me. This spring, Anna visited Erno and me in Helsinki and we created a new version of the performance with her. Anna has her premiere tomorrow. I'm very proud of all three of them and extremely grateful for having been able to work with them. Even though I don't speak Italian, I feel very close to my Italian colleagues. My true home is just on the other side of the Alps and somehow I feel a cultural closeness in working with them...

Grazie mille!


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