Short Account of Two Screenings of Reverie

In June, I had the chance to present my latest work Reverie as a short film at two very exciting art events. The premiere screening was at the 4th edition of Space Invaders curated by Anna Jensen and Eliisa Suvanto. Space Invaders took over an abandoned school in Matinkylä in Espoo and filled it with works from the visual and performance arts. The atmosphere of the school, abandoned for many years created a fantastic context for the works. I felt like I woke up in a post-apocalyptic world where art is the only thing left to cling on to. Needless to say, it was a wonderful setting for our film.

The second screening took place in Berlin at the NoMad House event - Mad House Helsinki's takeover of the Theaterdiscounter in Berlin Alexanderplatz. I had the honour to present both Reverie and its "little brother" A Piece of Hamlet (a documentary short film I created with Emma Suominen in 2013-2014) at a multiple bill evening with artists Veronika Boekelmann, Moran Sanderovic, Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat, Juha Valkeapää and the New Performance Festival Turku.

The film met with a lot of warmth and interest at both events. It seemed to me that people immersed into it and gave it all their concentration.

It is a new experience for me to go to an event just with a memory stick in my pocket. With my background in theatre I am used to a different kind of logistical and emotional effort before each performance. And whilst I believe that this nerve-racking aspect of theatre is why I do live performances, it is also good to have this wonderful work of art right here in my pocket. Light and easy but not without its own depth and value. I hope for many more screenings of Reverie.


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