Hamlet again

I have the pleasure to create yet another version of Hamlet private. This time I'm working with performer Anna Fascendini from Scarlattine Teatro and photographer Erno Raitanen, with whom I've already made two previous versions.

In three days we took 22 photos based on Shakespeare's play. With the help of these images Anna will create a very personal version of Hamlet for her spectators. Anna's premiere will only be in October, so there's some time for rehearsals on skype...

© Martina Marti

The interesting thing with this performance is that I discover something new everytime I create a new version. Even though I am reproducing a finished concept, it never feels like a simple reproduction. Each performer and photographer brings new interpretations, thoughts and insights, which means that every new version is a development, going deeper and deeper into the world of Hamlet - and his world is a good one to go into. Despite the fact that it's a tragedy, Hamlet reminds us of what is at the core of being human. For me, Hamlet is the hero of heroes for all of us because it is his dithering, his "not knowing what to do" that makes him human.

At the same time as I am photoshooting on Vartiosaari with Anna and Erno, our Danish Hamlet private performer Nini is preparing to perform the show at Det Frie Felts Festival - Hamlet private lives!


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