Open Letter to my friend Heidi

Dear Heidi*

I can't write PR texts. I'm sorry. You know, I don't do facebook. I don’t even seem capable of keeping this blog updated. At times it feels impossible to write something coherent about my work. And I don't quite know why. I can talk about my work if someone asks. I think I do a lot of mental work during the creation of a new piece. But somehow when you ask me to produce something in written I go all metaphorical and cryptic. Or then nothing at all comes out.

Let's take an example, I say that the first two performances of my trilogy were anatomies of decision making. What do I mean by that? It's not even a very nice image... In these two performances me and my co-creators studied, analyzed and tried to understand the different stages of making a decision. It was quite a detailed exercise, trying to identify all the things that can influence a decision. Like in anatomy where you open the body to study the different organs, we looked for the structure and parts that lead to the making of a decision: our past, our fears, our hopes for the future, the people around us, gut feeling, the desire to do the right thing - that sort of stuff. Let's say we tried to go as deep into detail as possible. Is this explanation more concrete? Maybe more understandable? And why do I feel the need to point this out? Because in the third part of the trilogy, the one which is just about to premiere, and for which there should be once again press texts written..., because in this part, we didn't do that at all. It's not an analytical piece, it's not taking things apart in order to understand them or something underneath them.

So, what is it? The artist in me says that I want everyone to find out for herself. But ok, you can ask, what is it for me? It's the attempt to float (again an image! what's wrong with me??). It's the attempt to let go of words (analyzing, explaining). It's the attempt to trigger emotions, maybe thoughts, an atmosphere through abstract movement, colours, tones, sounds, looks... It's the attempt to create a space (physical and mental) which everyone can fill himself. Not concrete enough? I'm sorry, I can't write PR texts. But I know you can.

Thanks for your patience with me!


*Heidi is a member of my group Gnab Collective and in charge of communications.


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