You're in a black box. Or a white cube. It doesn't matter. The point is, you're locked inside, there's no window, no furniture, nothing. The uniform colour of the walls could just as well be the colour of the air. There is nothing for your eyes to rest upon. You're in this room and you imagine. Being in a forest. By the sea. On top of a city. You imagine the sounds, the colours, the light, the smell, the feeling on your skin. It feels pleasant. The wind in your hair feels like the gentle hand of an old friend. Imagine. And for a moment, you almost think you or at least a part of you is really there...

© Emma Suominen

Since 2012 I have been working on a trilogy about decision making. Already now, before the premiere of the third and final part, the trilogy consists of more than three works of art. This project has developed its own dynamics and new ideas and pieces have just come up as if by themselves. But now it's really the moment for the final piece. In Reverie we once again deal with decisions. This time, with a very different formal approach. Our primal tool so far has been video, soon we are going into the rehearsal room to add performance and sound to the images we captured last autumn in and around Helsinki. The final piece can be seen at Mad House Helsinki 2-5 March 2016.


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