Thank you Kai Alhanen!

For almost a year I haven't done any artistic work. I haven't even participated in artistic events. And I did not miss it. There are more astonishing, fascinating and wonderful things in life. Like a child smiling its first smile or taking its first steps. But then there was the odd exception, an evening - over half a year ago - when I literally escaped to the theatre to see Anna Cadia's Taideakademia at Teatteri Jurkka. During the performance, Anna's guest, the philosopher Kai Alhanen made a surprising confession. He was commenting the choreography of Janne Marja-aho and Panu Varstala when he explained that he loves romantic comedies. Everything is beautiful in romantic comedies: the main characters, their friends, their clothes, their cars and the restaurants they go to. By the end of the film all he wants to do is to buy the same beautiful clothes and cars and go to the same beautiful restaurants with the same beautiful friends. Romantic comedies make us into perfect consumers. In contrast - he continued - watching contemporary dance did not make him want to buy anything. It provoked thoughts and feelings. Maybe the desire to dance himself. But it did not inspire any activity which could be measurable economically. Art is subversive. It makes us think, feel and behave differently. It makes us forget that we should be hamsters in the capitalist wheel. Thank you Kai Alhanen for his confession! It was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear. It is what we all need to hear more often. Because there are more important things in life than art, and they need art.

So here we go again. At the beginning of a new artistic process. The final part of my performance trilogy on decision making. A new team of co-creators, a new art form, a lot of memories from the process that has led me here. Some still vague new ideas, some new material. And to crown it all, a lot of warm autumn light.

© Emma Suominen


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