Hamlet Collection

My Hamlet project has taken yet another surprising step: Today we set up the photo exhibition HAMLET COLLECTION which opens tomorrow at Cafe Bar No 9 in Helsinki. All five Talmeh interpretations are exhibited with a selection of prints in large format - a joint exhibition by photographers Marion Maisano, Emma Suominen and Erno Raitanen. It's quite a special feeling seeing the familiar pictures on the walls... Thank you to all who've been involved, to Ysi Baari and to my Karelian family for three exquisit window frames...

© Martina Marti

Info for people wishing to visit:
9.9.-6.10. 2014

Cafe Bar No 9
Uudenmaankatu 9
00120 Helsinki


The exhibition will continue at the Mad House Event 20.-26.10.2014. Read more here.


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