Returning to Campsirago

Two weeks we spent together in the tiny mountain village of Campsirago last January: Giulietta, Marco, Erno and I. It was raining every day - proof of which you still find in the Italian Talmeh cards where water and reflections are recurring themes… Last week, my path led me back.

© Martina Marti

I returned to a summery, lively village which was just preparing for a week of crazy festival action. Scarlattine Teatro organised the 10th edition of Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival and Hamlet private was shown on 8 days. Happy encounters with old friends, new but not less friendly faces and a lovely, site-specific Midsummer Night's Dream in beautiful surroundings were awaiting us.

© Martina Marti

During the process of my last performance, Polku (The Path), I was again wondering: why do I do this? Why do I make art? I think one of the reasons, very deep inside, is the desire to reach out for people. To open a channel of communication. To make possible a true encounter. Seeing Giulietta and Marco perform on a sunny terrace overlooking Lake Como, made me feel immensely happy. When a performance lives on, takes new shapes through the mediation of different artists, encounters people in many different places, then it feels like something has succeeded.


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