In between

I'm in between. The premiere of Polku (The Path) was in May, more performances are coming up in August (see UPCOMING EVENTS!). It is the second part of a trilogy of performances on the topic of decision taking. Between May and August, I'm trying not to borrow from the past or invite the future but rather be in the now. Trying to let go of past and future performances and ask where am I right now artistically. I have been working on the theme of decision taking for two years. Two performances have emerged from this work. Trying to get a feeling for them now, with a bit of distance but still very much in the process of presenting and thus making, I can sense a kind of kinship. I could not have taken this for granted. Each art work demands of its creators certain solutions and decisions. Of course one hopes that the works communicate between each other but it is not something that can be planned - at least not for me. But here I am and I feel the resonation. I try to give this feeling space so that it gets stronger and maybe shows me the path: Where are we going with our trilogy? What are the topics and formal aspects that want to be further explored? Right now, it is just a reverberation. Right now, I am in between. It is a good place. If only you let yourself be in it, allow yourself to get bored, to sleep through sunny afternoons, and see what is really there.

Tomorrow my path takes me to Campsirago where I spent two intensive weeks in January creating the Italian versions of Hamlet private with Giulietta, Marco and Erno. What is there Hamlet like now?


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