After the premiere...

After two intensive months, two hectic weeks and two successful performances, it's finally time to take a deep breath. What started almost three years ago with a vague idea, a vibration only, has now become Polku - a performance which I walk with my dear colleagues Cécile Orblin and Juuso Voltti. But many others have left their traces on the path: actress Kaija Pakarinen, costume designer Monika Hartl, set designer Eero Tiittula, producer Heidi Backström, light designer Ville Virtanen are the most immediate but of course there have been many more giving support, inspiration and their time. A big thank you to all who've been involved!

Since the premiere we've received such wonderful feedback. Three bloggers wrote almost immediately, Kujerruksia, Pihi Nainen and Aino Nieminen, but also Maria Säkö from Helsingin Sanomat and Isabella Rothberg from HBL (the review of this latter is unfortunately not online) wrote reviews. Check out the links if you understand Finnish.

Performances are still coming up: 13th and 14th May as well as 28th and 29th August. Do visit us on the path!! Tickets available from

© Emma Suominen

© Emma Suominen


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