The Path

We have walked a long path since we started rehearsing our next piece some six weeks ago. Along the way we watched art films, we taught each other songs, did card tricks, meditated, asked each other questions, discussed, argued, took detours, read poems, tried to speak in foreign languages, made maps, got lost and found back again… to the path. 

We are still walking. We haven't quite yet reached the premiere yet. But the day is coming closer. On 9th May you can join us on the path of Polku.

© Emma Suominen

Walking together on the path:
actors: Kaija Pakarinen and Cécile Orblin
music: Juuso Voltti
space: Eero Tiittula
costumes: Monika Hartl
lights: Ville Virtanen
marketing and production: Heidi Backström
directing: Martina Marti


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