There are only few official documents giving insight into the life of William Shakespeare. Even with the performance and publication history of his plays, facts about his actual life remain fragmentary. Shakespeare scholars even speak of "the lost years", years where no documentation gives any hints of his whereabouts or doings. One theory is that he travelled to Italy (for a really exciting read see the publications of Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel). Italy... this is also the place where Hamlet private has arrived.

We are in the mountains of Northern Italy, in a small village called Campsirago where the local Scarlattine Teatro runs an artist residency. Close to the shores of Lake Como and on the foot of snowy montains we are going once more into the depths of the tragedies of tragedies. 

© Martina Marti
Giulietta De Bernardi and Marco Mazza are the Italian performers who are entering the world of Hamlet private. By their side is the photographer Erno Raitanen. Let's see what their personal Hamlet looks and feels like!


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