Something rotten in Denmark?

Imagine an apple tree. Just like in a picture book from your childhood, a twisted trunk, branches old and wry, hanging low from the weight of many small green apples, the leaves also a light green and here and there the red cheeck of a ripe apple. From time to time an apple falls to the ground with a thump. Unless it's picked up, it will start rotting like the other apples that have fallen before, they cover the ground and perfume the air with a sweet smell. But it's not all rotten under the tree, for there is a table and two chairs and a woman waiting. She wears an old black bowler hat and she's shuffling cards. She's waiting for Hamlet.

© Emma Suominen

Hamlet private continues in its third interpretation by the superb Nini Bang. She took the legacy of her previous co-performers Cécile and Claudia and has made this performance once again totally fresh and extremely private. This time also photographer Marion Maisano, collaborator in Hamlet private and creator of the first two sets of cards, passed on the task to a new artist: Nini's photos are taken by Emma Suominen and together they've created yet another intriguing and beautiful world.

Thank you to Secret Hotel who hosted the Danish premiere at the Barn Art Symposium II 15-19 August 2013 and to all spectators who entered our world under the apple tree...

More performances are coming up 13-15 September, organised by Secret Hotel in the amazing landscapes an hour's drive from Århus. Contact Secret Hotel to find out more about times, place and availabilities (mail (at)


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