How could we refuse?

Rosalee Edwards wrote a very nice reaction to Hamlet private. Read it here on Berlin and I or below:

"Date with Hamlet

Usually the Prince of Denmark graces large, traditional auditoriums with his methodical madness, bowing to a deafening round of applause. In a new interpretation, Hamlet is puzzling his smallest, most personal audience yet: one-on-one. With an offer like that, how could we refuse?

As soon as I stepped into the cosy, candle-lit café and bar Nathanja & Heinrich, I knew exactly where I could find the performer Claudia Schwartz: the skull on the coffee table was a big giveaway. After getting comfortable in the armchair next to hers, Claudia opened the conversation with some nice small-talk and, more unexpectedly, a pack of specially made Tarot cards. Each one had a thought-provoking picture and title based on a character or scene from the play. Starting off with simple questions, which gradually pulled out answers that lead to broader, deeper questions, she gently probed me on my own way of thinking, firstly about the cards, but then progressing to what themes, words, images most concerned me in general. Without even forcing me to tell even a fraction of my life story, she somehow still managed to stir up concerns about my past and present. In spite of my own apprehensions about her mystic approach, I soon realised where the performance was taking place: not in a café, not even in an imaginary Shakespearean world of words, but simply inside my head. Claudia did not try to get me to understand the play Hamlet, but to perform my own ‘play’ through Hamlet for a better understanding of myself – and I feel it worked.

Each one-on-one performance lasts for approximately half an hour, can be in English or German, and visitors are welcome to settle themselves down with a cappuccino before they begin. If you like the charming cards created by photographer Marion Maisano, you can take home a full set for 15 €."


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