Happy Hanko

Why is it so hard to take a decision? Even the simple act of sending an email makes my neck muscles cramp and my head ache... but now it's done and our next project's first night place and date are fixed, May next year it is! This will be the second part of our trilogy, can't wait...

But now, a short note on our lovely time in Hanko: what a festival! Great atmosphere, nice people, beautiful surroundings and an exciting program. Alan's Café was just perfect for us. We had 9 spectators, most of them very happy after the performance I dare say - albeit maybe a little thoughtful... but we like that. And Isabella Rothberg from HBL writes about Cécile: "Med hjälp av snillrika tarotkort prydda med motiv ur pjäsen skiftar hon fokus från pjäsen till åskådaren. Överraskande lätt ger man sig hän åt hennes korttolkningar och hamnar i en ganska personlig och icke-teatral upplevelse. Orblin ger ändå tryggt sällskap på vägen. Vid kafébordet blir Hamlets resa plötsligt ens egen."

Adam Potrykus from Stockholm Fringe even listed Hamlet private amongst his top 3 festival highlights. Read what he says here and check out the spooky photo he took of Cécile...

As for performing in Swedish... we made some very interesting observations like that one: Is it ok to ask är du okej? Of course it is but är det okej för dig?

All in all, a wonderful trip, thanks to the festival, to Alan's Café and everyone who came to see us! Tack så mycket!

© Martina Marti


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