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HAMLET PRIVATE - a performance for one spectator at a time
12.-15.12.2012 at Cafe Talo in Hakaniemi

Without stage machinery purely by the actor's own strength Hamlet private creates the play's world directly in the imagination of the spectator. Actress Cécile Orblin takes one spectator at a time to ponder Hamlet's big questions.

The performance is either in Finnish, Swedish, English or French.

Reserve your personal time slot under 044 910 32 86, Mon-Fri 11am to 6pm

The performance takes place at Cafe Talo in Hakaniemi, it lasts around 30 min. and you can reserve a time on the following performance days:

Wed, 12.12. 11am - 2pm and 5 - 9pm
Thu, 13.12. 5 - 9pm
Fri, 14.12. 11am - 3pm
Sat, 15.12. 12 - 3pm

Pre-shows on Monday 10.12. between 11am and 2pm at the special rate of only 5 €!

Tickets: 15 / 12 € (students, pensioners, unemployed, theatre professionals) - cash only!
Please note: limited amount of tickets!
Place: Cafe Talo, Hämeentie 2 b, www.cafetalo.fi

Working group: Cécile Orblin, Martina Marti, Marion Maisano, Jaana Eskola, Jukka-Pekka Pajunen

Supporters: Arts Council of Finland, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Kone Foundation, Performance Center, Finnish National Theatre, Cafe Talo


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